Whanganui Raise Up Crew

Whanganui Raise Up Crew

The Whanganui Raise Up crew meet every Monday afternoon at 3.30pm at the YMCA campus on Grey St. Our HQ is the pavilion on the main field. It is a self-contained area away from the hustle and bustle of the main campus.

We have music food and games all in a relaxed setting.

Raise Up Wanganui’s focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle. If we ourselves have a strong body and mind we can focus on building a safe environment for our Whanau and communities to thrive.

Our activities vary each week from cooking, arts and crafts and fitness, we even have our own greenhouse and garden. Every few months our Raise Up crew will run community events which benefit our town and its people. If you want to know more find us on Facebook so come along and check it out.

The Raise Up crew is a fun and safe environment where, the crew has varying backgrounds and we all work well together and enjoy the diversity.

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