Whanganui Raise Up Crew

Whanganui Raise Up Crew

Whanganui Crew Has Arrived

Raise Up Whanganui’s focus is running community events that benefit our town and its people. If you want to know more, find us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/raiseupwhanganui, Instagram @raiseupcentral or come along to our weekly meetings to check it out! We have music, food and games, all in a relaxed setting.

When: Tuesday 4-6 pm

Where: Jubilee Stadium, 228 London Street, Springvale, Whanganui  

Words from your coordinator:

Kia ora! 

My name is Nicole; I am the coordinator for Raise Up in Whanganui! I have a teaching, visual arts, music and events background and run youth music programmes outside of Raise Up. I am a musician and live music lover, and I have a passion for the outdoors as a keen hiker, camper and gardener. I also enjoy playing board games and video games, although I’m not very good at either! 

The Raise Up Crew is a great chance for you to make friends, develop leadership skills, give back to your community, and organise fun events. Most importantly, I hope the Raise Up crew will be a space where you feel welcome and heard.  

I am super excited to start the Raise Up programme here, so get in touch if you're keen to join the crew!

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