Graduation Awards

Every year the coordinators and crew member nominate crew to win the annual Raise Up awards, these are whats on offer! 

Volunteer Of The Year

This award goes to the Raise Up crew member who has the most volunteer hours this year.-You cannot make nominations for this award it is numbers based-

Crew Of The Year

The Crew of the Year has the following; 15 or more crew members, completed 9 KPIs, attendance and hours are within the top 3 crews, crew members are engaged in their youth service endorsement, crew actively making a difference in the community, has a positive crew culture, runs at least 1 weekly activity.

Crew Member Of The Year

The nominations for this award are those that win MVP so they are the best of the best. They should be someone who represents all awards we offer. When you make nominations for MVP they will also go toward this award.

Most Valuable (MVP

The crew member that is always doing their best and helping the crew in any way they can. They are often found helping other crew members, the coordinator or doing things in the background that help with the overall running of the crew. They may also be at the front leading the crew through challenges and opportunities.

Recruiter Of The Year

This award goes to the crew member that promotes Raise up out to their community. This person does a great job in letting people know what Raise Up is and bringing them along to Raise up crew meetings and activities. This person should also show skill in helping new people at Raise up feel welcome and make Raise up an engaging experience.

Power Growth Award

This award goes to the person in Raise Up who has achieved great personal growth during their year at Raise Up.

Safeguarding Hope Award

This award goes to the person in Raise Up who looks out for other crew members, is considered trustworthy, compassionate and approachable to anyone who may need support in the crew. This person respects others and their own boundaries ensuring everyone’s safety both physically and mentally.

New and Nailing It

This award goes to a crew member that is in their first year of raise up and has adjusted to Raise Up life embodying the values and tikanga and getting involved wherever they can. This is a Raise Up Future leader to look out for.