Walk the Line Categories 2024

Just like fashion, we like to continually evolve and stay current. We periodically review our categories to make sure that we're staying current with today's trends, and what young people are inspired by. 

Our 2024 award categories are:

High Fashion

Unique, glamorous and fashionable designs. These garments represent a timeless piece that is an investment for your wardrobe -  anything from formal suits, and day-wear to evening. Important for this section is demonstrating the complete process, from thought-out design to execution.


Trendsetting, casual street style clothing often represented by urban subcultures.  This category showcases the designer's own individuality and originality through their garments.

NEW: Avant-Guarde 

Make a bold statement by creating an unconventional design. Push the boundaries and explore your creativity with innovational and experimental concepts.

NEW: Cultural Fashion

Designs that demonstrate their cultural inspiration. Embrace the significance of traditions and intertwine these into a garment that represents one or more regions or heritages.

2024 Theme: Throwback Fashion

Our theme category this year celebrates the richness and variety of times past - inviting designers to source their inspiration from history. An invitation for designers to craft and demonstrate a story through their garment. It could be a modern retelling, an accurate reproduction of an ancient technique - the floor is yours to use history as your tool to create an exceptional outfit.

A note on sustainability

Previously, there was a specific category around sustainable design, which invited entrants to demonstrate creative re-use of fabric and techniques which reduced waste. Our changing world and increased understanding about the impact of fashion on the environment has meant a rethink to this approach, and we are now requiring a consideration of sustainability across all of our categories.

Our friends at Mindful Fashion NZ will be supplying some guidance all designers can follow to ensure they are incorporating sustainability into their designs - details coming soon!