Hamilton Crew

Hamilton Raise Up Crew

The Raise Up Hamilton Crew meets regularly Tuesdays 4:15-6:15 pm at the YMCA Recreation Facility, located at 36 Pembroke Street. The crew is made up of young people from schools all over Hamilton. This year they include Hamilton Girls High, Hamilton Boys High, Fraser, Fairfield, Hillcrest, and Northern Health School. 

The Hamilton crew is passionate about providing quality opportunities for our local youth community. We run many different events and workshops ranging from neon disco’s and movie nights to street art and a free weekly gym class called Youth Burn that runs Wednesday 4-5pm during the school terms.

Check out the photos below or click on what’s on to see what’s coming up for in the Hamilton area.

Hamilton events

Raise Up Community Clean Up Listing

Community Clean Up

Entry free


Hamilton Regional

Entry free

Diy Workshop Website Event Listing Image

Bunnings DIY Workshop

Entry free

Website Halloween

Raise of Midnight

Entry $5.00

What the Hamilton Crew has been up to