Upper Hutt Raise Up Crew

Upper Hutt Raise Up Crew

The Upper Hutt Raise Up crew have been running for a little over a year and meet every Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm, at the YMCA Gym on Somme Road. Our crew consists of 10 active members who attend local colleges around Upper Hutt. The Crew are exploring leadership skills, marketing skills, promotional skills, and working together as a diverse crew. In alignment with the YMCA values, we promote health and well being, to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. 

Our purpose is to host events and workshops that will appeal to our local youth and attract them to be involved in our youth initiatives. The Upper Hutt Crew have attended a number of community clean up events, one at a local primary school and another helping with the clean up of Petone Beach. A big event the crew have coming up is our very own house of horrors, which has already received positive community attention and support.

To gear up for this event we have been hosting successful Gore Makeup Workshops, where young people can come along and give it a go! The crew have created a promo video for the house of horrors event which has been published to Facebook, which gave them skills in acting, filming, directing, editing with sound effects and music.

If you would like to know more about Raise Up Upper Hutt, please follow us on our Facebook page or come along and check it out.

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Upper Hutt Update 2017

Upper Hutt has had a busy and eventful year making themselves known for there willingness to be an active part in their communities. They have had much going on over the year from Hackathon, where they were given the opportunity to pitch and present an idea to an event committee, members of the public and members of council. They were one of three selected and got the opportunity to see there idea of a 'house of horrors' come to life with the support of there community. Along with helping when needed and supporting local clean ups and building up the youth in there community. Congrats Upper Hutt on an awesome year!