Mentor Me

Raise Up, The Y's youth development programme, has extensive experience in supporting young people to identify and reach their full potential. 

We know some young people are dealing with a lot, feel disconnected and unsupported, and don't have the right tools to make positive changes for themselves.

With the support and funding of the Ministry of Youth Development, Raise Up has combined our experience of working with young people, schools, specialist support services and our central philosophy of 'by youth, for youth' to create a strength-based mentoring programme available for young people aged 12-21. Mentees will be supported to develop and use their strengths to plan their future, setting and achieving their goals.  

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12-15 years

Re-engaging young people with school and supporting physical and mental wellbeing

One-on-one sessions

Weekly sessions with their mentor during the school term, to support the mentee through challenges and monitor their progress

Group workshops

Group workshops with other mentees each term, as well as group outings/events to create community and connection

Continuous support

The mentors will provide extra resources and support as needed, encouraging open communication between the mentor-mentees

16-18 years

Re-engaging young people with education, supporting readiness to work and mental wellbeing

One-on-one sessions

Weekly sessions with a mentor to address challenges and track progress, and end-of-year evaluation and feedback sessions to reflect on the progress made.

Quarterly workshops

Group workshops to develop skills such as financial literacy and social connection, as well as more fun group activities to build connection

Continuous support

Mentors will provide ongoing support and share resources to help guide mentees' education or work exploration, as well as support to overcome obstacles

19-21 years

A focused mentoring programme which supports a young person through a particular time - such as a transition to work, apprenticeships or tertiary study.

One-on-one sessions

Working with your mentor to set goals and put a plan in place to achieve them

Continuous support

Mentors to provide resource and support as discussed within the mentoring sessions

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