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About Raise Up North Shore

Welcome to the North Shore Raise Up Crew!

Want to get involved in your community? Raise Up is a group of up to 20 young people who are passionate about doing good in their community and creating awesome ways for young people to come together and have some fun. 

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When: Tuesday 4-6pm  
Where: YMCA North Shore Recreation Centre

We also have a weekly activity called Crazy Knots (a crochet club) that meets weekly on Fridays at Shore Junction from 4-6pm. 

Past Events: 
  • Walk The Line
  • Youth talent contests
  • Paintball
  • Movie Nights
  • Quiz nights 
  • Amazing Race
  • Just to name a few
Words from your Coordinator

My name is Laura, and I am the North Shore Coordinator! I have moved to Aotearoa in September of this year and am currently living in North Shore. I’ve grown up in Toronto, Canada and made my way to this beautiful country with a vision to learn about the conservation and history of the land and how to best support the young people who live on it. I enjoy anything in nature and am passionate about conservation and sustainability initiatives.

I have a Degree in Applied Science in Psychology from the University of Guelph, a Research and Analysis Certification and a General Arts Diploma from Humber College. Previously, I’ve had the honour of working as a Coach for families with the Strongest Families Institute and as a Caseworker for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I believe one of the main ways to support our youth today is to first start at home and provide them with the resources and relationships that they need to thrive.

At Raise Up, we learn how to create and run events in the community, develop leadership skills and expand opportunities for youth who engage in the program. As a Raise Up Coordinator, my vision is to push youth to attain their goals and expand their networks by making sure they are in places that will benefit their development, whether that is mental or physical health related, spiritual, educational or career focused.

Raise Up is an awesome opportunity to gain life-long friendships, be active in the community while gaining experience for your CV! 

Previous North Shore events


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