2023 Winners

Supreme Winner 2023/Streetwear: Tobias Beaumont

"In my mind streetwear is about re-interpreting the use of clothing... Whether that be through textiles proportion, or gender stereotypes, streetwear is about interpreting clothing in your own way. I have created a garment using styles and sewing techniques typically used on womenswear and created a man’s garment. Drawing inspiration from both trendy street fashion and elegant evening wear to create this unique garment that challenge norms of streetwear fashion" 

High Fashion: Minka Parker

"This high fashion design is intended to capture the essence of girlhood with a sense of elegance. It contains elements of spring but also displays freedom and joy through the light colours and pattern of the dress. The use of flowers in the detail represent femininity"

Sustainability: Dvon Ratima

"Striving for a completely sustainable garment, my design in constructed using ONLY previously worn clothing. These garments are pieces that have come from my family’s wardrobes, worn items that are now too small, ripped or broken in some way. Resources spent constructing this garment come to a grand total of zero dollars"

Open Design: Nikita Lee

"I have created a garment that is flexible in its design concept, dressed-up for high fashion or dressed down for urban beach wear. I strongly believe in sustainable fashion, and have only used repurposed fabrics. I am greatly influenced by designers like Alexander McQueen (especially his iconic Oyster dress) and Vivienne Westwood. My final design will draw on inspiration from the free-flowing forms of mermaids. I hope to further develop this concept and create a bold linear statement with whimsical and fairytale undertones, evoking the magical moment when the 'little mermaid' transforms into sea foam"

We're Talking, Are You Listening: Amelia Smith

"I’ve used the idea of pushing boundaries when it comes to concepts that previously were male or female dominated to create a garment that can be considered as gender fluid. My design consists of a skirt and a cropped button up top. The skirt combines the ‘masculine’ trait of tailoring with the ‘feminine’ style of the skirt, and the top has words printed all into the fabric. Words such as SEXUALITY and UNIQUE. Words that relate to my issue and inspire people to wear who they think they are without judgement from society"

Best Model: Briana Budileanu

Briana designed and modelled her garment. "I’ve made my dress with glamorous, shiny satin, as it drapes beautifully, hugging and accentuating the figure. With a regal hue, the purple tones evoke a sense of majesty and mystery and gives off an air of sophistication. Its delicate drapery cascades gracefully around the wearer's form, bestowing elegance and luxury"