Otara Raise Up Crew

Otara Raise Up Crew

Interested in joining the crew in Otara?! 

Day: TBC
Location: TBC
Time: 4-6pm

We are looking to start a crew in your area! get on board and join Raise Up. We will come together to create events and opportunities for youth and families within their local communities.

We have a passionate crew who are keen on providing quality opportunities for our local youth community. We offer a variety of events and workshops including Youth pool parties and youth open mic-where youth come together to share their talents whether it be through singing, spoken word poetry, dance etc…

Social Sport will start up soon

Watch this Space!

Otara Events

Copy Of Blast From The Past Silent Disco Uh Crew 3

Blast from the past Silent Disco!

Entry $5.00

Website Halloween

Raise of Midnight

Entry $5.00

Bunnings Cancelled

Bunnings DIY Workshop

Entry free

French Workshop Poster

French Workshop

Entry free

What have the Otara Crew been up to


Disco night - Young people and seniors

The YMCA's youth development programme, Raise Up is always looking for new ways to get involved and help out in the community. One such event was when the Raise Up crew planned a disco night with the seniors in our community. Shreya Badal, the organiser and one of Raise Up's prefects within the Puketapapa crew, shares the story.


Five of the best ways to keep young people safe online

You might feel the easiest solution is to ban your young person from all leisure use of devices or place strict rules around usage; but the most likely outcome of these sorts of ‘helicopter parent’ strategies is to drive your young person underground – they’ll continue to use, they just won’t tell you about it. There are better, trust-focused strategies that are far more likely to keep your young person safe online – Here's our top five ways to help you out.


Lockdown vs Our Rangatahi

While Covid and lockdown bring a certain amount of stress to just about everyone, the complexities of lockdown life affect young people in a multitude of ways. Raise Up Youth Programme Coordinator Caitrin Mooney and Raise Up Crew Member Aira Li break down simple life hacks to help motivate young people coming out of the lockdown space.