Lynfield Youth & Leisure Centre

As far as Jonathan Peddie was concerned, there was nothing worse than walking past a big, plain white wall at work every day.

So the Centre Manager at Lynfield took action. He, along with members of the local Raise Up crew, recruited local artist Paul Walsh to transform the wall into something very special.

“My goal was for the wall, and the space around the wall, to be transformed into something our site could be proud of. Our Raise Up crew and co-ordinator, in conjunction with a local mural artist, did a fantastic job at doing just that.”

To celebrate the work of art, the centre hosted an event launch which featured heaps of local talent, including a school choir, a children’s Bollywood dance group, and fire dancers. It was a wildly successful night, with nearly 200 people coming along to enjoy the festivities, watch the performances and check out the new masterpiece that adds a special bit of local colour to the community