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Are you the next line in youth fashion?

Your journey to Walk the Line starts now 

The next New Zealand Fashion Week will take place in 2021. To help you with your creative inspiration, garment construction and knowledge about the fashion industry, we've put together an amazing one-day workshop. Representatives from Servilles, make-up by SRA Samala Robinson, NZ fashion week representatives, models and designers will provide a comprehensive cross-section of fashion shows and the fashion industry. 

Date: Sunday 27 September 2020

Time: 9am - 6pm

Venue: YMCA North Shore, 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote

Each presentation will showcase the production of each section in accordance with the day of a fashion show and how they work, how they enhance experience, how to prep for each section, what best suits the category and garment, with examples throughout each presentation.

This would suit those wishing to enter Walk the Line 2021 and any other high school student wanting to pursue a career in fashion.

Entry is $15 per person and students will walk away with a new level of understanding and preparation for their next steps in the creative arts.

Registration will be open in March - if you would like to be sent a link directly email

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Walk the Line is possible thanks to the generous contribution of our sponsors. Read more about the organisations involved or find out how you can support this incredible youth-lead event.

Past Winners

In its 10th year as part of New Zealand Fashion Week, Walk the Line has helped launch careers from New Zealand to the global stage. Find out more about where Walk the Line could take you.  


There are five fashion categories to enter: High Fashion, Streetwear, Sustainability, Open design and our annual theme category. Entries will open in 2021. 


Walk the Line at NZ Fashion Weekend

In 2011, Walk the Line established itself as the premier opportunity for young NZ designers to showcase their talent at NZ Fashion Weekend. Walk the Line is also the only show led and driven by local youth, and is proudly supported by YMCA and Raise Up - YMCA's youth development programme.