Events and Workshops run by youth, for youth

Auckland is back at Level 1! Crew meetings in person are back to normal - yassss. Read this before your next meeting or chat to your coordinator.

All programmes will run as per usual just make sure to scan the NZ Tracer QR code when you pop into the centre. 

Stay safe!

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Young people that care, create communities that care!

Want to be more active in your community? Want to learn how to run large scale events? Want to meet other like minded young people? 

Raise Up is a programme that is run by young people for young people!

It is an awesome way to gain volunteer hours, make new friends and gather leadership training. 
It includes a mixture of weekly activities, events, workshops and personal leadership development options. These are tailored to the interests of youth in each region and could include sports, music, dance, fashion, leadership training, art and much more.

Raise Up crews run events, activities and workshops for young people aged 13-18, along with a variety of community outreach programmes with opportunities to volunteer.