Crew Member Profiles

Priyanka, Massey Raise Up crew:

Priyanka has been a crew member for two years and has been involved in some of the Raise Up events and workshops including the Massey May Fair, an event that brings together the local community.

Raise Up has given Priyanka so many opportunities to become a great leader. "I was born deaf, and grew up being lonely and was never accepted in the deaf community because I could talk but never felt fully accepted by the hearing world because I couldn’t hear properly". Applying to be part of Raise Up was a brave move for her but Priyanka is more confident in her own skin and incredibly thankful for the experience.

James, Mt Albert Raise Up crew:

James Toohey is a student at Mount Albert Grammar School and has been part of the Raise Up crew since early 2013. James recently reflected on his second full year, naming as chief among his highlights the Youth Development Camp, his role MCing at Food Revolution Day and a quiz night at the centre. "I’ve loved it and it’s really helped me to build my confidence," says James. " Thank you, YMCA for giving me this opportunity. I have made life-long friends and had an experience I will never forget".

2015/16 Summary

YMCA Auckland’s youth development programme, Raise Up, has celebrated another successful year of creating opportunities for young people and empowering them to make a positive change in their communities.

The Raise Up team continue to encourage young people aged 13-18 to use their voice and passionate attitudes towards positive community outcomes. The programme, now in its 14th year, has grown to over 200 crew members from across Auckland and Hamilton. In 2015, around 30 amazing young people graduated from the programme, but the majority are back on board for 2016.

In the last year, we have celebrated the launch of five Raise Up crews, four of which are in South Auckland. The increasing momentum and high engagement amongst the young people is proving that the programmes presence is making a positive impact within their local communities.

Raise Up crews have hosted 39 events, bringing in a recorded 16,944 visits to local recreation spaces, as well as, giving 18,380 hours of voluntary community service.

More people are set to move into Auckland and Hamilton in the next few years, thereby increasing the population of 13-18-year-olds.

The Raise Up programme is likely to expand to support this change and with the majority of our programmes already running at capacity and because more young people are interested, we are expected to increase the number of programmes and geographical reach of these to local communities.

We are incredibly grateful to our funders and partners whose continued support has enabled us to expand our programme into more locations and ensured we can continue to provide high-quality programming.

We are well on track to meeting our goals set out in the 2014-2018 Raise Up Strategic Planning Document.

Success Stories

2016 Raise Up Tv Screen


The Raise Up Crews are recruiting now. 

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Raise Up celebrates a huge year

Raise Up celebrated another successful year of creating opportunities for youth and using their young and vibrant energy towards community good, at its annual graduation ceremony in Decemeber.