Welcome to Raise Up, YMCA's youth programme run by youth for youth. This page will provide you with information about the programme and the measures in place to ensure the safety of youth.

We Share Your Concerns

We appreciate that you may have concerns about our policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your child or children and invite you to contact us so that we can address any concerns you may have.

History of Youth Development in the YMCA 

YMCA has been running youth development in New Zealand for over 150 years. The Raise Up programme is the YMCA's current youth development programme and covers all areas that cater for 13-18 year olds including events, workshops, activities, youth fitness and youth volunteering. As part of this programme we run dance events exclusively for under 18’s in the Auckland region. We started off with our first Raise Up event at YMCA Massey in 2003 and now also run events in Mt Albert, Onehunga, North Shore and Mt Roskill. 

Alcohol, Drug and Smoking Policy

All Raise Up events are 100% alcohol, drug and smoke free. As attendees enter the venue our trained security staff conduct bag and pocket checks for any contraband. If anything is found it is confiscated and discovery of illegal substances are referred to the police. Open drinks are not permitted to be brought in to the event - there is water and other non-alcoholic drinks on sale at the event.

Health and Safety Policy

Before each event we undertake a comprehensive risk analysis. All of the staff on the night are trained in risk management and are fully briefed before the event.

No Outs Policy

For the event we operate a 'no outs' policy. This means that once someone has left the event they will not be allowed back in to the venue. The main reason for this policy is so we can easily control who is coming into our events and we can monitor occupancy numbers more accurately. There is plenty of space in our reception area for our young people to wait safely for parents to pick them up.

YMCA Event Staffing

Raise Up events are run by a mixture of trained youth workers, YMCA staff, professional security and our Youth Crew. The Youth Crew is made up of representatives from local schools who want to put on events, workshops and activities for the local community; they take charge of most aspects of the event, under the supervision of YMCA staff and volunteers. This youth-lead process enables our Youth Crew to gain valuable skills and experience in leadership and event management.

Professionally Trained Security

For each event we analyse how many security personnel will be necessary, based on the size and layout of the venue, the number of attendees and the type of event. We then engage an adequate number of professional security guards, trained in crowd management. We brief the security team shortly before the start of the event with important event details and any problem areas which we may anticipate.

Police Involvement

YMCA has a positive relationship with Auckland police. We welcome their presence at our events and have taken steps to ensure our security measures exceed their expectations for youth gatherings. If a large event attendance is anticipated, we request a police patrol to assist, particularly in maintaining orderly conduct with crowds in public areas (footpaths, carparks, etc.). While police involvement may sound severe, our stance on security is to always err on the side of caution, as the safety of our attendees is paramount to the running of a successful and fun event.

Auckland City at Night

We urge any parent whose child/children may attend a Raise Up event to speak to them about staying safe in the city at night. While we maintain the highest standards of security within our events, no certainty can be given as to their safety before and/or after the event, should they be on city streets. Young people are encouraged to stay in groups of friends, plan their transport home before coming out, and have a free-phone number for a taxi handy. Common sense and avoiding alcohol is welcomed by the Raise Up team - drunkenness is not.